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MIA is the parent company to three subsidiaries that each have their own unique aims and objectives under the wider MIA umbrella.

Industry Organisations

Ovis logo

Ovis Management Ltd

Ovis Management is a non-profit organisation promoting the control of Sheep Measles. The company is owned by the Meat Industry Association of New Zealand (MIA) and provides resources and education material to farmers and dog owners.
Ovine logo

Ovine Automation Ltd

Ovine Automation is a consortium of nine MIA member companies and the government (through the Ministry of Science & Innovation) that aims to bring about a step change in sheep processing through the use of automation.

OAL Robotics Brochure

MIA Innovation

MIA Innovation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Meat Industry Association investing in R&D to increase the productivity and profitability of the sector through new science and technologies. This research partnership is funded 50:50 by industry and the Government. The R&D programme is valued at $11million over 7 years and undertakes research in the following four major investment areas – shelf life and product quality, meat safety, improving processing efficiency and novel products.