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MIA Innovation Limited is partnering with Beef + Lamb New Zealand Limited and the High Value Nutrition National Science Challenge to undertake a $2 million programme of research and development to investigate the health and wellbeing benefits of pasture raised red meat consumed as part of a well-balanced and enjoyable diet, and to provide robust scientific data that will help distinguish New Zealand product in international markets.

Much of the global research on the health, nutritional and environmental aspects of red meat is based on grain-finished farming systems, whereas New Zealand specialises in livestock farming that is uniquely natural grass-fed, antibiotic-free and hormone-free.

There are myths and misinformation about the benefits of eating red meat, so industry has turned to research and scientists to help bring balance to what consumers are hearing.

Given the growing interest in sustainable diets, the research will be coupled with measuring the environmental impact of including either grass-fed red meat, grain-finished red meat or plant-based protein in the diet.


For more information, follow this link.  You can also download these files:

Media Release distributed 19 November - New Zealand scientists lead the charge to expore benefits of pasture-raised beef and lamb

An infographic with details of the study

The Pasture Raised Advantage Fact Sheet