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New Zealand red meat is globally renowned for its quality and safety. That’s because it’s produced to some of the world’s highest standards not only for food safety and quality but animal welfare, an area in which New Zealand is a leader. 

As a red meat processing and exporting nation, we must also adhere to regulations to meet market access requirements. 

At MIA, we assist our members on all fronts in meeting domestic and international requirements, whilst working closely with government on behalf of our farmers and processors to ensure the best outcomes all round.


Animal welfare

New Zealand proudly upholds some of the world’s highest animal welfare standards. Farmers and meat processors work hard to ensure their animals are well cared for and treated humanely. The sector collaborates closely with MPI and other stakeholders to improve animal welfare outcomes across the board.

For specific information on Animal Welfare Regulations please contact us directly or click on any of the links on the righthand side. 


Food safety

New Zealand is renowned for our world class food safety standards. Processing and exporting red meat in New Zealand is governed by a number of regulations. MIA assists its members to adhere to these regulations and meet market access requirements. In this respect, the MIA has developed a number of resources to assist members with information.

Latest Regulatory News

Barriers to International Trade

Gain an in-depth understanding of the complex and evolving trade and tariff environment that
New Zealand’s red meat processors and marketers operate in when exporting to over 110 countries.

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