MIA facilitates a number of committees to focus on specific issues within the industry.
It also represents the industry on an array of significant external committees.



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Strategic Directions Group

The Strategic Directions Group (SDG) combines the knowledge, skills and experience of senior industry personnel with that of senior Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) officials to increase the value of the services provided by MPI. It is co-chaired by the Deputy Director-General, Regulation and Assurance of MPI, and the Chief Executive of MIA.

The purpose of the SDG is to maximise the contribution of the red meat sector to the New Zealand economy by continuously improving the value created from services delivered by MPI to the sector on a cost recovery basis.

The food regulatory system under the Animal Products Act provides the focus of much of the work of the SDG. The SDG may work collaboratively on other areas as the parties agree, including animal welfare, biosecurity and other regulatory areas directly affecting meat processing, as well as non-regulatory areas such as private standards, scientific research, and the wider trade agenda (including FTA negotiations and agricultural cooperation efforts).

If you have access you will be able to link through to SDG minutes by clicking on the following link:

SDG Meeting papers and minutes - SDG members access only

HR Leaders Group

To assist develop strategic direction and more effective direct engagement with industry, MIA created the HR Leaders' Group in 2018 to provide a pan-industry strategic focus on workforce/industrial relations issues.

The HR Leaders' Group consists of senior management of MIA member companies to provide high level input and recommendations to MIA Council. It provides MIA with direction on workforce issues, overall industry positioning and leadership on workforce issues, and engages with government agencies at a strategic level. The group reports directly to the MIA Council to have important decisions endorsed.

Health and Safety Forum

The MIA Health and Safety Forum reflects a commitment by the industry to make a significant reduction in injuries and illness through industry-wide collaboration. It provides industry-wide strategic direction and leadership on health and safety, assists with communication and information sharing across the industry, and develops and oversees projects to support health and safety.

There is an array of health & safety information in our Resources section or please click on either of the following links:

Health and Safety Standards - Public access
Health and Safety Guidelines - Member access only
HS Benchmarking - HS Forum access only

Renderers Group

The New Zealand Renderers' Group (NZRG) focuses on matters specific to rendering, including – government regulations and notices, codes of practice, customer requirements for rendered products, market access requirements, training, biosecurity, verification and rendering research and development.

The MIA NZRG meets as required and holds an annual technical seminar. A sub-group of the renderers' group focused on Market Access meets with MPI as required to prioritise markets and issues of concern.

In conjunction with the Australian Renderers Association, the MIA NZRG hosts a joint symposium every second year.

MIA facilitates NZRG training workshops for experienced rendering operators, supervisors and suppliers to the industry. These workshops focus on the practical aspects of rendering.

Renderers' Group meeting papers - accessible by Renderers' Group members only

Technical Group

The MIA Technical Group is a forum where key technical information and issues are shared and discussed. It is predominantly a virtual working group but meets face-to-face as required to cover matters such as Government Regulations and Notices, Codes of Practice, Customer Technical Requirements, Technical Training, Animal Welfare, Biosecurity, Verification and Research and Development.

Members of the Technical Group also receive fortnightly communication in the form of "Meat Matters" which informs members of the Group on general technical matters, technical news snippets from the international food news media and upcoming events.

Technical Standards - Public access
Technical Briefs - Member access only
Technical Minutes - Member access only

Animal Welfare Forum

The Animal Welfare Forum is a sub-committee of the Strategic Directions Group focusing on the welfare of animals within the red meat industry and upholds some of the world's highest Animal Welfare Standards.

NAIT Review Technical Users

A committee of NAIT stakeholders and shareholders that reviews the performance of NAIT. MIA is represented by Tim Ritchie and Gary Lindsay on this panel.