An important part of the work of MIA is to foster strong industry relationships with international and national counterparts. Developing these relationships supports the stable and constructive ties the New Zealand Government and individual companies have with offshore partners.






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Industry Partners

Beef Lamb inc

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Inc is responsible for the promotion of beef and lamb within New Zealand and is jointly funded by farmer levies and New Zealand meat processors and retailers.
Beef Lamb NZ

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd

Formerly Meat and Wool New Zealand, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd is the farmer-owned industry organisation representing New Zealand's sheep and beef farmers by delivering a range of innovative tools and services.

Deer Industry New Zealand

Deer Industry New Zealand is responsible for promoting and assisting the development of the New Zealand deer industry.

China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA)

CFNA is probably one of the largest and most representative state-sanctioned organisations with close links to government under the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. It represents over 5500 companies including domestic producers and importers. Many of its members have direct links and commercial relationships with New Zealand.

MIA has established a constructive relationship with CFNA which was formalised in November 2014 during President Xi’s visit to New Zealand when MIA and CFNA signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

Since then MIA has presented at CFNA’s annual China International Meat Conferences.

In November 2016 MIA, together with the Deer Industry of New Zealand and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, participated in the Anufood China Taste the Globe product exhibition in Beijing to further shore up the relationship and raise the profile of New Zealand red meat in China.

MIA and CFNA exchange trade data on beef and sheep meat export and import trends.

China Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA)

In June 2016, MIA participated in the International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws and Regulations Summit and the 2nd China International Food, Meat & Aquatic Products Exhibition 2016 hosted by CIQA.

CIQA describes itself as the bridge between government and business, and focuses its work on promoting government laws, regulations and standards. It also collects industry information to inform government policy making. It has very strong links with the central government agencies, particularly AQSIQ.

The 2016 visit saw the successful signing of a Framework Agreement on Food Safety and Trade Development Cooperation between MIA and CIQA. This is the third such document signed with Chinese counterparts and forms an important set of undertakings to support the meat industry’s trade interests in China.

China Meat Association (CMA)

The CMA is the overarching representative body of all participants in the Chinese meat industry, approved by the Chinese government. It represents major state-owned and major privately owned meat companies involved in all aspects of production from slaughtering through to cold-stores. It is the Chinese direct counterpart organisation to the MIA.
Cooperation with the CMA begun during the 2014 New Zealand Industry delegation visit to China. Subsequently a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 2 July 2015 in Auckland during the CMA delegation visit to New Zealand.

There has been regular and constructive engagement between the two associations for example the 2015 Industry delegation attended the CMA annual conference and trade exhibition (CIMIE 2015) in Qingdao, and the CMA Executive President spoke at the 2016 Red Meat Sector Conference in July in Auckland.

International Meat Secretariat (IMS)

The IMS is a non-profit organization that brings together livestock producer associations, national and regional meat associations, meat exporter associations, meat processing companies, government, and corporate partners from around the world representing over 75% of the global production of cattle, pig, and sheep meat. The IMS is headquartered in Paris and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014.

Meat Import Council of America (MICA)

MICA was formed in 1962 as a non-profit national trade association of members engaging in the purchase, importation, handling and sale of imported meat, mainly fresh frozen beef, in the United States. MICA is able to provide to its members a single, unified voice that is stronger than what any individual company can provide on its own. Like the MIA, MICA's vision is to foster trade, commerce and the interests of their members.
MPI logo

Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI)

MPI's role is to grow and protect New Zealand by maximising export opportunities for our primary industries, improve sector productivity, increase sustainable resource use and protect New Zealand from biological risk.
Ministry of business

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

MBIE's purpose is to grow New Zealand's economy and achieve a standard of living and quality of life that all New Zealand's aspire to.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

MFAT's role is to advance the government’s international priorities by interpreting changes, providing advice to the government on their implications, and then acting to promote and protect New Zealand's interests. By building connections and influence in other countries MFAT secures the outcomes that matter to New Zealand. MFAT is also the government's lead advisor and negotiator on trade policy.

New Zealand Food Safety and Science Research Centre

MIA is an investor in the New Zealand Food Safety, Science and Research Centre (NZFSSRC), providing funding for the support of the centre and red meat focused food safety science research. The role of the NZFSSRC is to undertake R&D to protect and enhance New Zealand’s reputation for world-leading food safety with current projects around Capability Mapping and Refresh of the Process Hygiene Index.

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New Zealand Trade and Enterprise

New Zealand's international business development agency with the purpose to grow New Zealand business internationally, bigger, better, faster.


OSPRI is responsible for helping to protect and enhance the reputation of New Zealand's primary industries through two world-class programmes - NAIT and TBfree.
Brunei Delegation Dec 2016

Visiting delegations

MIA regularly meets with incoming foreign delegations interested in learning more about New Zealand agriculture and the sheep and beef sector in particular. This is an important way to establish relationships, promote a better understanding of the New Zealand meat industry internationally and gain insights of developments overseas that may have relevance for the industry.